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Companies in the Singaporean Video Game Sector


Feb 1, 2023

The growing business of Singapore video games industry, where several significant companies are setting the pace. These businesses are fueling the industry’s expansion with their cutting-edge goods and services and initiatives to advance the sector’s growth in Singapore.

Ubisoft Singapore is among the most well-known companies in the video gaming sector in Singapore. Since its establishment in 2008, the studio has swiftly become one of the top game development studios in the nation. In addition to working on well-known properties like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, Ubisoft Singapore has also created its own intellectual property, including Skull & Bones. One of Singapore’s major game production firms, the facility employs about 500 staff.

Bandai Namco, Studios Singapore, is a significant company in the Singapore video game market. The 2008-founded studio is well-known for its work on famous franchises, including Pac-Man and Dragon Ball. PAC-MAN 256 and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle are just some of the popular mobile games the firm has created. The firm employs over 300 people and is significant in the Singapore game development industry.

Another significant company in the video gaming sector in Singapore is Electronic Arts (EA). The business has a studio in Singapore that is dedicated to creating mobile and web games. The studio is well-known for its work on well-liked games, including FIFA and The Sims. EA Singapore has a significant presence in the Singapore video gaming market, with over 100 employees.

Koei Tecmo Games is noted for its work on the Dynasty Warriors series, and Razer Inc., a business specializing in gaming laptops and peripherals, are two more significant companies in the Singapore video game industry.

These businesses have contributed significantly to Singapore’s video gaming industry’s expansion. They have brought in foreign money and skill and employed thousands of people.

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